Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Everything I've seen in the first half of 2013

In the first six months of 2013, I saw far fewer films than the same period last year. I managed just 87 feature films and 20 short films (15 of them the Oscar contenders in three categories). Of the features I saw from January through June, 3 of them (Django Unchained; Zero Dark Thirty; Holy Motors) were repeat viewings within the six months and 5 were DVD commentary tracks on 4 different films. So realistically speaking, that's only 80 different films I watched compared to more than 100 last year.

46 of the films I watched for the first time and 24 of those I saw in the cinema (including the silent classic Safety Last with live music accompaniment).

From the short films I saw 18 in the cinema and 17 were films I'd never seen before.

I've got 56 new reviews posted for films I saw during the first half of the year.

Out of the 80 different feature films I saw, I did not post reviews for 14 of them. Two are written and one will be written.

There were 2 in-flight movies, which I should hardly count because it's a tiny little screen, the sound is horrible, and they're edited for content. That's why I won't provide reviews on those.

Here's the full list after the break:

27.6 Gangster Squad (in-flight movie - edited for content)
12.6 Broken City (in-flight movie - edited for content)
4.6 Do the Right Thing (DVD)*
3.6 Now You See Me (cinema)
1.6 Thirteen Days (DVD)*
31.5 Frances Ha (cinema)
29.5 Before Sunrise (DVD)*
28.5 Django Unchained (Blu-Ray)*
27.5 Star Trek Into Darkness (cinema)
21.5 Before Sunset (DVD)*
21.5 The Great Gatsby (cinema)
20.5 The Cabin in the Woods (Netflix streaming)*
15.5 Scream 4 (Netflix streaming)
15.5 Scream 3 (Netflix streaming)*
14.5 Contagion (Blu-Ray)*
10.5 - 13.5 Boyz N the Hood (Netflix streaming)*
13.5 Scream 2 (Netflix streaming)*
7.5 Iron Man 3 (cinema)
7.5 Jack Reacher (Blu-Ray)*
3.5 - 4.5 Silver Linings Playbook (Blu-Ray)*
30.4 - 5.2 Holy Motors (Netflix streaming)*
26.4 Mud (cinema)
24.4 Trance (cinema)
22.4 The Place Beyond the Pines (cinema)
16.4 Argo (DVD)*
10-12.4 Out of Sight with DVD commentary by Steven Soderbergh and Scott Frank
10.4 Out of Sight (DVD)*
8.4 Heathers (Netflix streaming)*
3.4 Zero Dark Thirty (Blu-Ray)*
2.4 Pretty in Pink (Netflix streaming)*
28.3 Schizopolis with DVD commentary by John Hardy, David Jensen, Mike Malone, and Paul Ledford
27-28.3 Flight (DVD)*
25.3 Olympus Has Fallen (cinema)
21-24.3 Schizopolis with DVD commentary by Steven Soderbergh and Steven Soderbergh
20-21.3 Schizopolis (DVD)
20.3 The Social Network (Blu-Ray)*
19.3 Safety Last (cinema with live music accompaniment)
19.3 The Intouchables (DVD)*
18.3 Biloxi Blues (DVD)*
18.3 Brighton Beach Memoirs (DVD)*
14.3 Mission: Impossible II (DVD)*
14.3 Ocean's 13 (DVD)*
13.3 Ocean's 11 with DVD commentary by Steven Soderbergh and Ted Griffin
13.3 sex, lies, and videotape with DVD commentary by Steven Soderbergh and Neil LaBute
11.3 Ocean's 12 (DVD)*
9.3 Kill Bill volume 2 (Blu-Ray)*
8.3 Ocean's 11 (DVD)*
7.3 Kill Bill volume 1 (Blu-Ray)*
4.3 Volver (DVD)*
26.2 Identity Thief (cinema)
25.2 Half Nelson (Netflix streaming)
21.2 The Imposter (DVD)
19.2 Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol (Netflix streaming)*
19.2 Solid Serenade (DVD - animated short)*
19.2 The Yankee Doodle Mouse (DVD - animated short)*
13.2 Side Effects (cinema)
12.2 The Gatekeepers (cinema)
9.2 Mission: Impossible III (Netflix streaming)*
8-9.2 The Turin Horse [A torinói ló] (Netflix streaming)
7.2 Kon-Tiki (download)
6.2 Animated Shorts - The Gruffalo's Child (cinema)
6.2 Animated Shorts - Dripped (cinema)
6.2 Animated Shorts - Abiogenesis (cinema)
6.2 Seven Psychopaths (DVD)
5.2 Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry (Netflix streaming)
4.2 War Witch (download)
30.1 5 Broken Cameras (Netflix streaming)
29.1 Young Adult (Netflix streaming)*
29.1 How to Survive a Plague (Netflix streaming)
28.1 The Invisible War (Netflix streaming)
28.1 The Pirates! Band of Misfits (DVD)
22.1 Looper (DVD)*
21.1 Premium Rush (Blu-Ray)
19.1 Frankenweenie (DVD)
17.1 Killer Joe (Blu-Ray)
16.1 ParaNorman (Blu-Ray)
14.1 Compliance (DVD)
9.1 The Kid with a Bike (Netflix streaming)
8.1 The Impossible (cinema)
7.1 Zero Dark Thirty (cinema)
4.1 Django Unchained (cinema)
2.1 Searching for Sugar Man (cinema)
2.1 On the Road (cinema)
2.1 Holy Motors (cinema)
2.1 A Royal Affair (cinema)
2.1 Amour (cinema)
1.1 Les Miserables (cinema)

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