Saturday, July 7, 2012

Everything I've seen in the first half of 2012

Last November I started tracking every film I see by maintaining a list on the side of this blog. I note the date (in cases of watching a movie in parts over two days I use the date I finished), the venue, and whether I'd seen the movie before.

I'd always had a fairly accurate record of films I'd seen in cinemas in a given year, but never really knew how many I saw when factoring in video and TV. Now I'm getting a sense of just how much time I spend watching movies.

Looking over the first six months of the year I find I've watched 108 feature length films, 69 of which I saw for the first time. I saw 31 films in the cinema including 2 silent films with live music accompaniment. I also saw 25 short films, many of which were part of the Academy Awards nominated short films presentations.

There have been only 5 feature films I've not written reviews for, although at least one of those is on the way. And 8 reviews have not yet been made public, awaiting publication at a future date.

It's also worth pointing out that this does not include television viewing or TV series. I also watched the 13 episode "Firefly" TV series for the first time; HBO's Band of Brothers again; and the recently concluded 13 episode 5th season of "Mad Men."

So here's the full list of everything I've watched since January 1 this year. A star indicates a film I'd seen previously.

29.6 Ted (cinema)
26.6 The Crowd (cinema with live music accompaniment)*
25.6 Kicking and Screaming (Netflix streaming)*
20.6 Friday the 13th: A New Beginning (DVD)*
19.6 Best in Show (Netflix streaming)*
18-19.6 The Lost Boys (DVD)*
13.6 Prometheus (cinema)
12.6 Moonrise Kingdom (cinema)
8.6 Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan (Netflix streaming)*
7.6 Friday the 14th Part VII: The New Blood (Netflix streaming)*
6.6 Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI (Netflix streaming)*
6.6 Full Metal Jacket (DVD)*
5.6 Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (Netflix streaming)
4.6 Chasing Amy (DVD)*
4.6 28 Up (Netflix streaming)
2.6 Friday the 13th Part III (Netflix streaming)*
1.6 21 Up (Netflix streaming)
1.6 7 Plus Seven (Netflix streaming)
30.5 Seven Up (Netflix streaming)
30.5 Friday the 13th Part 2 (Netflix streaming)*
28.5 Friday the 13th (Netflix streaming)*
22.5 I Am Love [Io sono l'amore] (Netflix streaming)*
22.5 Withnail & I (Netflix streaming)
17.5 The Untouchables (DVD)*
15.5 The Incredible Hulk (Blu-Ray)*
15.5 Thor (Blu-Ray)
10.5 The Avengers (cinema)
9.5 The Five-Year Engagement (cinema)
6.5 Serenity (Netflix streaming)*
4.5 Network (DVD)*
2.5 The Outsiders (DVD)*
26.4 The Cabin in the Woods (cinema)
24.4 The Score (DVD)*
24.4 Damsels in Distress (cinema)
24.4 True Grit (DVD)*
23.4 River's Edge (Netflix streaming)
19.4 (500) Days of Summer (DVD)*
17.4 American Reunion (cinema)
11.4 The Departed (Blu-Ray)*
10.4 Inside Man (DVD)*
9.4 The Hunger Games (cinema)
4.4 Project X (Netflix streaming)*
4.4 La ley del deseo [Law of Desire] (DVD)*
3.4 Inception (Blu-Ray)*
29.3 Casa de mi Padre (cinema)
28.3 Metropolitan (Netflix streaming)*
28.3 Raising Arizona (DVD)*
27.3 A Film Johnnie (Netflix streaming - short)
27.3 Cruel, Cruel Love (Netflix streaming - short)
27.3 Kid Auto Races at Venice (Netflix streaming - short)
25.3 American Pie 2 (DVD)*
23.3 American Pie (DVD)*
22.3 Moneyball (DVD)*
21.3 Barcelona (DVD)*
21.3 Gianni e le donne [The Salt of Life] (cinema)
20.3 Friends With Kids (cinema)
19.3 Chaplin (DVD)*
19.3 The Great Dictator (DVD)
18.3 A Night Out (Netflix streaming - short)
16.3 A Woman of Paris (DVD)
16.3 A King in New York (DVD)
15.3 A Countess from Hong Kong (DVD)
10.3 The Bank (DVD - short)
9.3 A Woman (DVD - short)
8.3 Limelight (DVD)
2.3 Monsieur Verdoux (DVD)
28.2 Douglas Fairbanks in Robin Hood (cinema with live music accompaniment)
27.2 Street Smart (DVD)
26.2 Puss in Boots (DVD)
26.2 Bullhead (download)
24.2 Drive (DVD)*
23.2 Chico & Rita (download)
23.2 Midnight in Paris (DVD)*
22.2 Undefeated (cinema)
22.2 In Darkness (cinema)
21.2 Pina (3D cinema)
21.2 Hell and Back Again (streaming)
20.2 Anonymous (DVD)
18.2 Margin Call (DVD)
17.2 Some Kind of Wonderful (DVD)*
16.2 Real Steel (DVD)
15.2 The Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom - short (cinema)
15.2 Saving Face - short (cinema)

15.2 Incident in New Baghdad - short (cinema)
15.2 Amazonia - short (cinema)
15.2 Nullarbor - short (cinema)
15.2 The Hybrid Union - short (cinema)
15.2 Skylight - short (cinema)
15.2 La Luna - short (cinema)
15.2 Wild Life - short (cinema)
15.2 A Morning Stroll - short (cinema)
15.2 Dimanche/Sunday - short (cinema)
15.2 Tuba Atlantic - short (cinema)
15.2 Time Freak - short (cinema)
15.2 The Shore - short (cinema)
15.2 Raju - short (cinema)
15.2 Pentecost - short (cinema)
13.2 The Muppets (telesync download)
10.2 Rio (DVD)
9.2 A Cat in Paris (download)
8.2 Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory (download)
7.2 Kung Fu Panda 2 (DVD)
4.2 Albert Nobbs (cinema)
1.2 50/50 (DVD)*
31.1 Haywire (cinema)
31.1 Jane Eyre (DVD)
30.1 Warrior (DVD)*
29.1 The Iron Lady (cinema)
28.1 Newlyweds (cinema)
24.1 A Separation (cinema)
24.1 Shame (cinema)
21.1 Cars 2 (DVD)
19.1 A Better Life (DVD)
19.1 Rango (DVD)
18.1 Carnage (cinema)
17.1 X-Men: First Class (DVD)
12.1 State and Main (DVD)*
11.1 The Tree of Life (DVD)
9.1 War Horse (cinema)
5.1 The Artist (cinema)
2.1 The Adventures of Tintin (3D cinema)

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