Sunday, January 5, 2014

Everything I saw in the second half of 2013

Here's the breakdown of my movie and TV viewing for the last six months of
the year, combined with the first half.

I saw 67 feature films and wrote 51 new reviews from those. That makes 154
for the year compared with 211 in the year 2012.
I saw 31 features in the cinema, one of which was a repeat. So that's 55 films
in cinemas for the year compared with 64 the year prior.
48 of the films I saw were films I'd never seen making a total of 94 new films
for the year. That's 30 fewer than in 2012.
I watched 24 TV episodes, 12 of which I'd seen before. I didn't track TV
episodes before this half year, but I did watch the sixth season of "Mad Men"
in the first half of the year, which I think was 13 episodes.
And there were also 5 short films (2 in the cinema), plus commentary tracks
on 3. So that brings the yearly total to 25 shorts.

30.12 Serenity (Netflix streaming)*
26.12 Saving Mr. Banks (cinema)
25.12 Blackfish (DVD)
20.12 The World's End (Blu-Ray)
19.12 American Hustle (cinema)
15.12 The Great Beauty (cinema)
13-14.12 Dirty Wars (DVD)
12.12 Pacific Rim (Blu-Ray)
7.12 Stories We Tell (cinema)
7.12 Frozen (cinema)
7.12 Get a Horse! (cinema short)
6.12 We're the Millers (Blu-Ray)
3.12 Shine a Light (DVD)*
2.12 Philomena (cinema)
29.11 Nebraska (cinema)
28.11 Eastern Promises (DVD)*
26.11 Man of Steel (Blu-Ray)
23-25.11 Short Cuts (DVD)*
16.11 Dallas Buyers Club (cinema)
12.11 12 Years a Slave (cinema)*
10.11 Boogie Nights (DVD)*
7.11 Blue Is the Warmest Color (cinema)
6.11 Sleepers (DVD)*
1.11 All Is Lost (cinema)
1.11 This Is the End (Blu-Ray)*
31.10 World War Z (Blu-Ray)*
30.10 To the Lost s.2 ep.12 of "Boardwalk Empire" (Blu-Ray)
29.10 Under God's Power She Flourishes s.2 ep.11 of "Boardwalk Empire" (Blu-Ray)
29.10 Georgia Peaches s.2 ep.10 of "Boardwalk Empire" (Blu-Ray)
28.10 Before Midnight (DVD)
28.10 Trance (DVD)*
28.10 Side Effects (DVD)*
26.10 Only God Forgives (DVD)
26.10 12 Years a Slave (cinema)
25.10 Oblivion (Blu-Ray)
24.10 The Counselor (cinema)
23.10 The Hudsucker Proxy (DVD)*
21.10 Behind the Candelabra (Blu-Ray)
19.10 The Fifth Estate (cinema)
19.10 Battle of the Century s.2 ep. 9 of "Boardwalk Empire" (Blu-Ray)
16.10 Two Boats and a Lifeguard s.2 ep. 8 of "Boardwalk Empire" (Blu-Ray)
16.10 Peg of Old s.2 ep. 7 of "Boardwalk Empire" (Blu-Ray)
16.10 The Age of Reason s.2 ep. 6 of "Boardwalk Empire" (Blu-Ray)
16.10 Leaving Las Vegas (DVD)*
14.10 Captain Phillips (cinema)
8.10 Gravity (3D cinema)
2.10 The Bling Ring (Blu-Ray)
2.10 Don Jon (cinema)
30.9 Enough Said (cinema)
30.9 Gimcrack & Bunkum s.2 ep. 5 of "Boardwalk Empire" (Blu-Ray)
25.9 What Does the Bee Do? s.2 ep. 4 of "Boardwalk Empire" (Blu-Ray)
25.9 A Dangerous Maid s.2 ep. 3 of "Boardwalk Empire" (Blu-Ray)
25.9 Ourselves Alone s.2 ep. 2 of "Boardwalk Empire" (Blu-Ray)
25.9 21 s.2 ep. 1 of "Boardwalk Empire" (Blu-Ray)
24.9 Prisoners (cinema)
24.9 A Return to Normalcy s.1 ep. 12 of "Boardwalk Empire" (Blu-Ray)*
24.9 Paris Green s.1 ep. 11 of "Boardwalk Empire" (Blu-Ray)*
23.9 The Emerald City s.1 ep. 10 of "Boardwalk Empire" (Blu-Ray)*
23.9 Belle Femme s.1 ep. 9 of "Boardwalk Empire" (Blu-Ray)*
22.9 Hold Me in Paradise s.1 ep. 8 of "Boardwalk Empire" (Blu-Ray)*
20.9 Home s.1 ep. 7 of "Boardwalk Empire" (Blu-Ray)*
18-19.9 Family Limitation s.1 ep. 6 of "Boardwalk Empire" (Blu-Ray)*
18.9 Nights in Ballygran s.1 ep. 5 of "Boardwalk Empire" (Blu-Ray)*
18.9 Anastasia s.1 ep. 4 of "Boardwalk Empire" (Blu-Ray)*
17-18.9 Broadway Limited s.1 ep. 3 of "Boardwalk Empire" (Blu-Ray)*
17.9 The Ivory Tower s.1 ep. 2 of "Boardwalk Empire" (Blu-Ray)*
16.9 Boardwalk Empire s.1 ep. 1 of "Boardwalk Empire" (Blu-Ray)*
11.9 Elysium (cinema)
8.9 Planet of the Apes (Netflix streaming)*
4-5.9 The Reluctant Fundamentalist (DVD)
2.9 Rear Window (DVD)*
31.8 Closed Circuit (cinema)
28.8 Admission (DVD)
27.8 Lee Daniels' The Butler (cinema)
26.8 In a World (cinema)
26.8 Ain't Them Bodies Saints (cinema)
25-26.8 To the Wonder (Blu-Ray)
16.8 His Royal Slyness (DVD - two-reel short with commentary track)
16.8 His Royal Slyness (DVD - two-reel short)
16.8 Young Mr. Jazz (DVD - one-reel short with commentary track)
16.8 Young Mr. Jazz (DVD - one-reel short)
16.8 Take a Chance (DVD - one-reel short with commentary track)
16.8 Take a Chance (DVD - one-reel short)
15.8 Safety Last (DVD with commentary track)
14.8 Safety Last (DVD)*
13.8 Eight Men Out (Netflix streaming)*
9.8 Upstream Color (Blu-Ray)
7.8 Mama (DVD)
6.8 Primer (Netflix streaming)*
4.8 Blue Jasmine (cinema)
30-31.7 Lawrence of Arabia (Blu-Ray)*
23.7 The Way, Way Back (cinema)
15.7 Monsters University (cinema)
15.7 The Blue Umbrella (animated short - cinema)
11.7 Much Ado About Nothing (cinema)
2.7 World War Z (cinema)
1.7 This Is the End (cinema)

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