Saturday, February 11, 2012

Oscar Trivia 2012

*This post has been corrected. Composer John Williams received his 46th and 47th nominations at the 84th Academy Awards, not his 47th and 48th. (13 January 2013)


- Among all nominees, the most nominated is John Williams (46th and 47th nominations this year). He is followed by Woody Allen (22nd and 23rd nominations) and Meryl Streep (17th nomination).

- Among all nominees, the individuals with the most Oscars is sound designer Gary Rydstrom with 7 wins followed by composer John Williams with 5 and visual effects artist Joe Letteri with 4.


- In the Supporting Actor category Jonah Hill is the only first time nominee, the first time that's happened in 13 years and only the second time ever.

- In the same category, Max von Sydow and Christopher Plummer are both 82 years old. They are the 2nd and 4th oldest ever nominated in the Supporting Actor category and across all acting categories. If either of them wins, he will not only be the oldest winner in the category, but the oldest acting winner ever. Current record holder is Jessica Tandy, aged 80 years when she won for Driving Miss Daisy 22 years ago.

- Like last year, all but one of the Best Actress nominees are previous nominees.

- Glenn Close and Max von Sydow have the longest gaps between nominations of all the acting nominees. Both were last nominated 23 years ago.

- Meryl Streep is the most nominated among the acting nominees with her 17th career nod. She is followed by Close who earned her 6th nomination.

- Streep and George Clooney are the only nominated actors who already have Oscars (Streep has 2 and Clooney has 1).

- George Clooney has earned acting nominations in every odd numbered year since 2005. Hmmm....


- Woody Allen, at age 76, is the 6th oldest director ever nominated. If he wins, he will be the oldest directing winner, besting Clint Eastwood's win at age 74.

- This is Allen's first Best Director nomination in 17 years. Thinking this might be close to a record time gap I checked it out. It turns out many directors have had gaps of more than 17 years between nominations, but the record is held by John Huston who had a 33 year gap between Moulin Rouge and Prizzi's Honor.

- Michel Hazanavicius is the only first time nominee in the Director category. This is the first time that's occurred in 18 years.

- Martin Scorsese and Allen are the most nominated directors this year, each with 7 previous nominations in the category and each with 1 win. Allen also has 2 writing Oscars.

Film Editing

- Thelma Schoonmaker earned her 7th nomination. She's the most nominated of this year's nominees. She's also the most decorated with 3 film editing Oscars.

- This nomination also makes Schoonmaker one of the 4 most nominated film editors in history. She draws level with William Reynolds, Barbara McLean and Michael Kahn. Only Kahn is still active, typically cutting all of Steven Spielberg's films. He also has 3 wins.

Foreign Language Film

- In Foreign Language Film Israel picks up its 10 nomination with no wins. Iran gets its second nomination 13 years after its last one. Canada is the only nominated country with a prior win.


- John Williams gets his first nominations in 6 years, his longest gap without a nod since his first nomination 44 years ago.

- John Williams extends his record as the most nominated composer in Academy history with his 47th and 48th career nominations.

- This is the first time there have been only 2 nominated songs in the Best Song category. The reason for this is a rule change a few years ago. No longer do they nominate 5 songs, but committee members award a score of 1 - 10 for each eligible song. Only songs with an average score of 8.25 or higher are nominated.

Best Picture

- Kathleen Kennedy and Steven Spielberg are the most nominated producers of this year's crop, each with 7 career nods for Best Picture. Kennedy has never won. If War Horse doesn't win Best Picture (and it probably won't) she will be the most nominated producer ever without an Oscar.

Animated Feature

- This category has existed for 11 years. Until this year, Pixar has been a nominee every time it's had an eligible film, including wins the last four years.

- This is the first time that 2 foreign language films are nominated in the Animated Feature category.


- For Sound Mixing Greg P. Russell (15 nominations) inches closer to Kevin O'Connell (20 nominations) for most nominations with no wins. Andy Nelson (16 nominations) is the most nominated among this year's group. Gary Rydstrom and Gary Summers (4 wins each) are the most decorated.

- For Sound Editing Richard Hymns and Gary Rydstrom (8 nominations and 3 wins each) are the most nominated and most decorated in the category.


- This is Woody Allen's 15th nominated screenplay, extending his record well beyond Billy Wilder's 12.

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