Monday, February 27, 2012

2012 Academy Awards In Memoriam

Yesterday I made some quick predictions about inclusions in the annual montage of dead celebrities for the Oscar show. Here's the full list of those included.

Jane Russell - actor
Annie Girardot - actor - an odd inclusion this French actress as she doesn't seem to have any credits that would be well-known in the United States.
John Calley - executive - most recent winner of the Thalberg Award
Polly Platt - art director
Ken Russell - actor, writer, director - Oscar nominated as Best Director for Women in Love. Recently appeared in Mr. Nice.
Donald Peterman - cinematographer
Farley Granger - actor - Strangers on a Train and Rope
Whitney Houston - actress, ahem
Bingham Ray - executive
Tak Miyagishima - member-at-large - winner of 3 Scientific and Technical Awards as well as the Gordon E. Sawyer Award

Bert Schneider - producer - winner of an Oscar for Documentary Feature
Michael Cacoyannis - director, producer - 3 Oscar nominations for Zorba the Greek
David Z. Goodman - writer
James Rodnunsky- electrical department
Peter E. Berger - film editor
Jack J. Hayes - composer
Peter Falk - actor
Cliff Robertson - actor
Laura Ziskin - producer
Sidney Lumet - director
Sue Mengers - talent agent
Steve Jobs - executive
George Kuchar - experimental filmmaker
Hal Kanter - writer
Theadora Van Runkle - art director
Tim Hetherington - photojournalist and documentarian nominated last year for Restrepo. He was killed while covering the conflict in Libya last April.
Gene Cantamessa - sound
Gary Winick - director of such recent films as Bride Wars and 13 Going on 30.
Bill Varney - sound
Jackie Cooper - actor
Gilbert Cates - producer
Richard Leacock - documentary filmmaker
James M. Roberts - member-at-large
Marion Dougherty - member-at-large, casting
Norman Corwin - writer
Paul John Haggar - member-at-large, assistant film editor
Joseph Farrell - public relations
Ben Gazzara - actor
Elizabeth Taylor - actor

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