Sunday, February 26, 2012

Handicapping the Oscar In Memoriam Montage 2012

I believe the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences uses the end of January as the cutoff date for fallen celebrities to be included in their annual montage. This rules out the possibility of Whitney Houston's inclusion unless they make a decision that she's too big not to include. She was never nominated for an Oscar, although some songs she performed in The Bodyguard were nominated, and she only starred in three Hollywood movies. I think it's possible we'll see her included, but not surprised if she's left out.

Frances Bay is an actress whose face you probably recognize for all the bit parts she's had over the years. I don't think we'll see her, but she died last September at age 92.

John Calley was a producer and member of the Executives Branch of the Academy. I think we'll see a mention.

We'll almost certainly see Gil Cates. He was a film director and producer of several Oscar telecasts.

Jackie Cooper was a child actor best known to my generation as Mr. White in the Superman movies that starred Christopher Reeve.

Peter Falk is a definite inclusion.

Farley Granger starred in two Hitchcock films: Strangers on a Train and Rope. I think he'll make the cut.

Steve Jobs will almost certainly be included. We don't think of him as a movie guy, but as an executive for Pixar Animation, he was a member of the Academy's Executives Branch.

Sideny Lumet will be in the montage. He is a seminal director of such classics as Twelve Angry Men, Serpico and Network.

Cliff Robertson was an Oscar winner, but he's best known to the Millenials as Uncle Ben in the Spiderman trilogy.

Jane Russell died right after last year's Oscar ceremony. It's been so long, but surely she'll be included.

Likewise Elizabeth Taylor, who died a month after last year's Oscars. It seems like so long ago, but she'll probably close the montage.

Laura Ziskin served as producer on a couple of Oscar shows. She'll probably be included.

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  1. What about Dimitra Arliss who played Loretta in "The Sting"? She passed away 1/24/2012