Thursday, January 1, 2015

Everything I've Seen in the 2nd Half of 2014

Wrapping up 2014, I’m not at all surprised to find that the number of movies I’ve watched, especially going out to the cinema to see them, has dropped off significantly compared with last year. A job that takes up a lot of my time plus the addition of a new baby to the family has made it very difficult to maintain the movie-going frequency I used to be accustomed to.

In the last six months I watched 64 feature-length films, but only 63 different ones as I repeated Gone Girl. 35 of the films were new to me and I only made it to the cinema 16 times compared with 31 in the same period last year. That makes my total for the year 144 features, but 140 different ones. 93 of those were first time for me with only 38 movies in the cinema for the whole year. In 2013 it was 55 in the cinema and 94 movies I'd never seen before. I got 35 reviews posted in these six months to bring my tally for the year to 75 full-length reviews or 91 reviews including "short cut reviews."

I also watched four animated short films, including one in the cinema. And 22 TV episodes including the entire first season of "The Sopranos."

Here's the list of what I watched from July through December, including the formats I watched them on. Titles in bold have reviews available on this blog.

30-31.1 Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (Blu-Ray)
26.12 Big Eyes (cinema)
25.12 The Theory of Everything (download)
24.12 Gone Girl (download)*
18.12 Finding Vivian Maier (DVD)
17.12 Die Hard (DVD)*
12.12 The Babadook (cinema)
10.12 Big Hero 6 (cinema)
10.12 Feast (cinema - animated short)
9.12 Snowpiercer (Blu-Ray)
5.12 Wild (cinema)
3.12 "In Excelsis Deo" s.1 ep.10 of The West Wing (DVD)*
3.12 "The Short List" s.1 ep. 9 of The West Wing (DVD)*
2.12 Birdman: or the Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance (cinema)
30.11 "Mr. Willis of Ohio" s.1 ep.6 of The West Wing (DVD)*
30.11 "The Crackpots and These Women" s.1 ep.5 of The West Wing (DVD)*
30.11 "Five Votes Down" s.1 ep.4 of The West Wing (DVD)*
29.11 "A Proportional Response" s.1 ep.3 of The West Wing (DVD)*
29.11 "Post hoc, ergo propter hoc" s.1 ep.2 of The West Wing (DVD)*
29.11 "Pilot" s.1 ep.1 of The West Wing (DVD)*
28.11 The Departed (Blu-Ray)*
27.11 March of the Wooden Soldiers (online streaming)*
25.11 X-Men: Days of Future Past (HD online streaming)
20.11 Interstellar (real IMAX, not LIEMAX)
19.11 Whiplash (cinema)
13.11 Up in the Air (DVD)*
6.11 25th Hour (DVD)*
5.11 The Wizard of Oz (DVD)*
4.11 Nightcrawler (cinema)
1.11 Fury (cinema)
30.10 Rounders (DVD)*
28.10 The Gruffalo - animated short (DVD)*
24.10 Inside Llewyn Davis (Blu-Ray)*
22.10 Edge of Tomorrow (Blu-Ray)
16.10 A Simple Plan (DVD)*
15.10 Aladdin (DVD)*
10.10 Pleasantville (HBOGo)*
10.10 King Kong (DVD)
9.10 Primary Colors (HBOGo)*
8.10 The Gruffalo's Child - animated short (DVD)*
7.10 Gone Girl (cinema)
1.10 Godzilla (Blu-Ray)
30.9 Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Blu-Ray)
30.9 "I Dream of Jeannie Cusamano" ep.13 s.1 of The Sopranos (HBOGo)
30.9 The Boxtrolls (cinema)
26.9 "Isabella" ep.12 s.1 of The Sopranos (HBOGo)
26.9 "Nobody Knows Anything" ep.11 s.1 of The Sopranos (HBOGo)
24.9 Summer of Sam (HBOGo)*
23.9 The Drop (cinema)
23.9 "A Hit Is a Hit" ep.10 s.1 of The Sopranos (HBOGo)
21.9 "Boca" ep. 9 s.1 of The Sopranos (HBOGo)
19.9 "The Legend of Tennessee Moltisanti" ep.8 s.1 of The Sopranos (HBOGo)*
18-19.9 Miller's Crossing (DVD)*
18.9 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Blu-Ray)
17.9 "Down Neck" ep.7 s.1 of The Sopranos (HBOGo)
13.9 "Pax Soprana" ep.6 s.1 of The Sopranos (HBOGo)
12.9 Dead Poets Society (DVD)*
3.9 Wag the Dog (DVD)*
2.9 "College" ep.5 s.1 of The Sopranos (HBOGo)
2.9 "Meadowlands" ep.4 s.1 of The Sopranos (HBOGo)
1.9 "Denial, Anger, Acceptance" ep.3 s.1 of The Sopranos (HBOGo)
1.9 "46 Long" ep.2 s.1 of The Sopranos (HBOGo)
28.8 "Pilot" ep.1 s.1 of The Sopranos (HBOGo)
28.8 Muppets Most Wanted (Blu-Ray)
27.8 The World According to Garp (DVD)*
27.8 Good Will Hunting (DVD)*
23.8 Key Largo (DVD)
22.8 Fading Gigolo (DVD)
20.8 The Big Sleep (DVD)*
19.8 To Have and Have Not (DVD)*
15.8 Dark Passage (DVD)*
15.8 Slick Hare (DVD - animated short)*
13.8 The Fisher King (Netflix streaming)
12.8 Good Morning, Vietnam (DVD)*
7.8 A Most Wanted Man (cinema)
6.8 Magic in the Moonlight (cinema)
5.8 Blue Is the Warmest Color (Criterion Blu-Ray)*
1.8 Inception (Blu-Ray)*
31.7 Life Itself (Amazon Instant)
30.7 Boyhood (cinema)
29.7 Le Week-End (Blu-Ray)
28.7 Wish I Was Here (cinema)
23-24.7 Ghost World (DVD)*
18-19.7 Garden State (DVD)*
17.7 A Beautiful Mind (DVD)*
14.7 "Walking Distance" s.1 ep. 5 of The Twilight Zone (Netflix streaming)
13.7 Lawless (Netflix streaming)*
2.7 - 11.7 The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (Blu-Ray)*
8.7 The Monuments Men (Blu-Ray)
1.7 The Magnificent Seven (DVD)*

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