Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Brief Slowdown

I was planning on writing today to say that I was going to shift the focus of this blog away from reviews of every movie I watch and toward more critical analysis of classic films. But now I find myself writing to say that I won't be writing much of anything while my finger heals from the stitches I got as the result of a vegetable cutting accident. Typing is proving difficult without the use of one index finger.

Back to my blog plan, I'm mainly finding that the stress of keeping up with reviews of everything is too much right now. I will continue to write reviews for most movies I see in cinemas and anything I watch from my own collection. Some of these may be a Short Cut Review (my reviews of 400 words or fewer).

I'm nearly finished with this month's 25 Years Ago entry. After that I may not post until I can really type.

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