Wednesday, February 27, 2013

In Memoriam: The Oscar Death Montage 2013

The last two years I made predictions about who would feature among the 40 or so film personalities to make the In Memoriam montage at the Oscars. This year I started to make a list in early January and then just plum forgot about it until a few hours before the show, at which point I thought it was a bit late.

Here's the final list as presented on the show. The inclusion of Andrew Sarris is significant. Critics don't often make these lists. Surely the people working in the industry don't always like us, but you can't deny the influence certain critics have had on the medium. Sarris is one.

No big omissions, although there are always some people griping about this or that person not given their due. Ann Rutherford was left off this year, for example. Look, she was never a big star, never a big award winner. She was an Academy member, but her last credit was nearly 40 years ago and she spent the end of her career in television. Talk of snubs of Andy Griffith, Phyllis Diller, and Larry Hagman is just silly. They were clearly TV stars who get their In Memoriam tribute at the Emmys. The Oscars is for feature film and people primarily associated with films. But then there's Adam Yauch...

Ernest Borgnine - actor, Oscar winner for Marty (1955)

Eiko Ishioka – costume designer, posthumously nominated this year for Mirror Mirror
Ralph McQuarrie - conceptual artist who worked on Star Wars and Raiders of the Lost Ark
Jack Klugman - actor

Celeste Holm - actor, Oscar winner for Gentleman's Agreement (1947)

Adam Yauch - Beastie Boy
Michael Clarke Duncan - actor, Oscar nominee for The Green Mile (1999)

Charles Durning - actor, Oscar nominee for The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (1982) and To Be or Not to Be (1983)

Carlo Rambaldi - visual effects artist for Alien and E.T.
Erland Josephson - Swedish actor
Richard Robbins - composer
Stephen Frankfurt - title designer
Harris Savides - cinematographer
Tonino Guerra - writer
J. Michael Riva - art director
Ulu Grosbard - director
Herbert Lom - actor
Bruce Surtees - cinematographer
Andrew Sarris - film critic
George A. Bowers - film editor
Tony Scott - director of Top Gun
Theodore Soderberg - sound
Lois W. Smith - publicist
Geoffrey G. Ammer - public relations
Neil Travis - film editor
Mike Hopkins - sound editor
John D. Lowry - image restoration pioneer
Hal David - song writer
Nora Ephron - writer
Charles Rosen - production designer
Jake Eberts - executive
Mike Kohut - sound
Frank Pierson - writer, former Academy president
Chris Marker - writer
Charles C. Washburn - assistant director
Ray Bradbury - writer
Richard Rodney Bennett - composer
Robert B. Sherman - song writer
Richard D. Zanuck - producer
Matthew Yuricich - visual effects
Marvin Hamlisch - song writer

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