Monday, February 28, 2011

2011 Academy Awards In Memoriam

Here's a list of the people featured in last night's Academy Awards In Memoriam segment. I made some predictions about it last week. Let's see how I did.

(Names listed with a * are people I predicted)

*John Barry - Composer - James Bond theme; Out of Africa; Chaplin
*Grant McCune - Visual Effects - Star Wars; Star Trek - The Motion Picture; Speed; Ghostbusters II
*Tony Curtis - Actor - expected his visage to close the segment - The Defiant Ones; Spartacus; Some Like It Hot
Edward Limato - Agent - Senior VP at William Morris - represented Denzel Washington, Mel Gibson, and Steve Martin, among others.
*Tom Mankiewicz - Writer - Live and Let Die; The Man with the Golden Gun; Diamonds Are Forever
*Gloria Stuart - Actor - Titanic
*William Fraker - Cinematographer - WarGames; Rosemary's Baby
Joseph Strick - Director - Ulysses; The Balcony
Lionel Jeffries - Actor - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
*Sally Menke - Editor - Pulp Fiction; Inglourious Basterds; Kill Bill
Ronni Chasen - Publicist - likely included because her shooting death a few months ago was a big story - she ran Oscar publicity campaigns for films including The Hurt Locker.
*Leslie Nielsen - Actor - Forbidden Planet; Airplane; The Naked Gun
Robert Radnitz - Producer - Sounder
Claude Chabrol - Director - Le boucher
*Pete Postlethwaite - Actor - In the Name of the Father; The Usual Suspects; The Town
Bill Littlejohn - Animator - a principal animator on "The Peanuts" TV specials.
Pierre Guffroy - Art Director - Tess; That Obscure Object of Desire
*Patricia Neal - Actor - Hud
George Hickenlooper - Director - Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker's Apocalypse; Casino Jack
*Irving Ravetch - Writer - Hud; Norma Rae
*Robert Culp - Actor - "I Spy"; Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice
*Robert Boyle - Art Director - North by Northwest; Fiddler on the Roof
Mario Monicelli - Director - Casanova 70
*Lynn Redgrave - Actor - Georgy Girl; Gods and Monsters
Elliott Kastner - Producer - Equus; Angel Heart
*Dede Allen - Editor - Dog Day Afternoon; Reds; Wonder Boys; Serpico; The Hustler; Bonnie and Clyde
*Peter Yates - Producer/Director - Breaking Away; The Dresser
*Anne Francis - Actor - Forbidden Planet
*Theoni Aldredge - Costume Designer - The Great Gatsby; Addams Family Values
Susannah York - Actor - A Man for All Seasons; Tom Jones; Superman; They Shoot Horses, Don't They?
Ronald Neame - Director - The Poseidon Adventure; The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie - Writer - Great Expectations; Brief Encounter - Cinematographer - In Which We Serve
David Wolper - Producer - L.A. Confidential; Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory; "Roots"
*Jill Clayburgh - Actor - An Unmarried Woman; Love and Other Drugs
Alan Hume - Cinematographer - Return of the Jedi; Live and Let Die; A Fish Called Wanda
*Irvin Kershner - Director - The Empire Strikes Back
*Dennis Hopper - Actor - Easy Rider; Blue Velvet; Hoosiers
*Dino de Laurentiis - Producer - Conan the Barbarian; La Strada; Flash Gordon
*Blake Edwards - Writer/Director - The Pink Panther; Victor/Victoria
*Kevin McCarthy - Actor - Invasion of the Body Snatchers; Death of a Salesman
Lena Horne - Actor/Singer - Ziegfeld Follies; Cabin in the Sky

Some names I had expected to see, but who didn't make the cut:
Maury Chaykin - Actor
Joe Mantell - Actor
Peter Graves - Actor
David Brown - Producer
Furio Scarpelli - Writer


  1. It's to bad they forgot Dorothy Provine (1935–2010) a beautiful and talented actress.

  2. She was mainly a TV actress and not very well known today. They don't have the time to include every single film person who died in the last year so they generally start with Academy members and go from there, including big names who were not in the Academy and excluding Academy members who aren't as well-known.