Monday, February 14, 2011

Really Bill? No explanation for the sun and the moon? Really?

This gem from Bill O'Reilly (via Andrew Sullivan) speaking about the complexity of the universe and the human body as if he's the first guy to EVER ask these questions in relation to the existence of a god or controlling entity or first cause or creator or whatever is just mind-boggling.

Okay, I understand people of faith really earnestly believe in creation. They're the ones who look at William Paley's argument from design and say, "Exactly! How do you explain the complexity?"

There's little reason to get into forming a cogent rebuttal of O'Reilly's self-satisfied rant. First of all, it was pretty well taken care of by this guy.

What bugs me is the way O'Reilly frames his argument as if no one has ever thought to ask his questions before: "Okay, the moon controls the tides, but how'd the moon get there? How'd the sun get there?" And as if no philosopher or scientist has ever successfully responded to these questions.

He's also dead wrong about the meaning of faith. He claims it takes more faith to believe that it was just luck that put us here than it does to believe in a deity. Wrong, Bill. There is absolutely no leap of faith whatsoever in believing in only what is observable and demonstrable. Faith is believing in something that no one has ever seen or proven to exist, but that they feel.

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