Sunday, February 27, 2011

"If You Had a Pot Belly, I Would Punch You in It": Pulp Fiction Analysis Part XIII

Go to Part XII: "I want to know what it feels like to kill a man."

This shot is held with the camera slowly pushing in. The viewer is allowed to be a voyeur in the intimate scene between Butch and Fabienne.

Back in the motel room, we are treated to a very intimate scene between Butch and his girlfriend, Fabienne (Maria de Madeiros). This scene has very few cuts, creating a feeling of intimacy. This has the effect of making us feel like we’re witnessing something we shouldn’t. We become voyeurs to a sexually and emotionally intimate moment between lovers.

Fabienne understands the danger that faces them. She asks Butch, “If they [the gangsters] find us they’ll kill us, won’t they?” She doesn’t come across as frightened because Butch is making her feel completely at ease. She has her big, strong man to protect her. As he leaves the frame to give her “oral pleasure,” Fabienne says, in French, “Butch, my love, our adventure begins.” She has no idea what kind of adventure is about to begin for Butch.

The camera fades out, and then fades in after a brief passage of time as Fabienne and Butch finish showering in the bathroom. Again, the camera acts as a voyeur, remaining outside the bathroom, as if we are looking in and witnessing a private moment.

Butch heads to the bed. Fabienne tries to tell Butch something she has just remembered, but he is already asleep. What was she going to say? Possibly, her memory jogged by Butch’s mention of ‘time,’ she was going to tell him she forgot his watch. But no one knows for sure.

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