Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oscar Nominations Immediate Reactions

No really big surprises in the top categories announced on television. I still haven't seen the full list and don't really have time as I have to prepare for my classes in the next 90 minutes.

Joel and Ethan Coen nominated as Best Director is a slight surprise.

Not at all disappointed that The Town was not annointed with either Best Picture or Best Screenplay nominations because it was a better than average crime film, nothing more. People seem to have lowered their standards for Ben Affleck because he's such a subpar actor that if he can write and direct a pretty good movie it must be great.

No love at all for Blue Valentine. No Ryan Gosling and no Michelle Williams. Oh well.
Right, so this post was written so immediately and without thinking that I didn't even realize Michelle Williams was nominated.

Glad to see Jacki Weaver get a nomination and glad Andrew Garfield did not get a supporting actor nod for The Social Network.

However, Jesse Eisenberg did make the cut which is a slight sham. No Robert Duvall is unfortunate.

The Spanish film También la lluvia did not get a nomination thankfully. Although I would have preferred it over the dreadfully pretentious bullshit of Dogtooth.

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