Saturday, June 19, 2010

World Cup poised to get more exciting next week.

A lot has been written about how dull the first round of matches was in this World Cup. Matches have been mostly low-scoring and there have been a lot of draws.

But now Groups A-D have finished their second matches and there is still no team guaranteed a spot in the second round and no team has been eliminated. Granted, there is only one very remote scenario that would keep Argentina from advancing and although there is only one scenario by which Nigeria can advance, it's more than possible. They have to defeat Korea while Argentina defeats Greece.

Group E will finish their second match tonight with Cameroon - Denmark. No matter the result of that match either someone will be eliminated (Cameroon) or someone will advance (Netherlands).

Looking ahead to Group F, it doesn't matter what happens in the second matches, no one can be guaranteed advancement or elimination.

So we've got the makings for some very exciting final group round matches in which just about every match will have big consequences. I would expect to some of the most exciting matches so far next week.

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