Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The World Cup after all teams have played at least once

Ugh, what the hell happened to Spain? I didn't see the match because I was at work. According to my brother, Switzerland seems to have studied last year's US defeat of Spain in the Confed Cup semi-final because they used an identical strategy.

Spain will have lost a good bit of confidence from this and I'm sure Chile and Honduras are both looking at this and seeing a vulnerable team. I'd say Spain are lucky to be facing Honduras next because Chile would go for the throat. Spanish fans should be hoping for Chile to defeat Switzerland because that will guarantee them a place in the second round, so they'd be likely to rest most of their starters for the Spain match, when Spain will be looking for a win. But on the other hand, second place in this group is likely to face Brazil next, so Chile will be looking to avoid that considering they lost both their qualifying matches against them.

And South Africa, after losing 3-0 to Uruguay, look poised to become the first host nation to fail to advance. A miracle is all that can save them now. Their best result tomorrow would be a France-Mexico draw, but then they still have to defeat France in their final group match. If France and Mexico finish in anything other than a draw, then South Africa will still have to defeat France, but by a huge margin of goals. This scenario seems extremely unlikely.

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