Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Looking back at my Group C and D predictions

Well, I didn't quite get Group C right. I had England and USA advancing in first and second places, respectively. The actual result is reversed, which is perfectly fine for me because it means we don't play Germany in the Round of 16. If we defeat Ghana, then it's likely on to Uruguay, who I don't really think we'll defeat, but you never know. Why couldn't Mexico have won that group? I know we can beat them.

I was way off the mark with England getting 9 points from the group. I can't believe they've only scored 2 goals. The US has scored 6, but two of them were insanely called back for non-calls.

In Group D I had Germany in first place with 7 points. I wasn't far off with their 6. I didn't anticipate the loss to Serbia. Who could? But I had Serbia going ahead in second place. Oh they were so close to drawing level with Australia toward the end of the match today, which would have put them through. Instead it will be Ghana, who I had finishing bottom of the group.

So England will have to face Germany on Sunday while the US takes on Ghana (in a rematch of the 2006 World Cup match that put my boys out of the tournament). If we can defeat Ghana then we'll face the winner of Uruguay-South Korea.

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